From the Governor

You don’t have to visit many Montana art galleries or museums to realize that there is something truly inspiring going on here.  Maybe it has something to do with the colors of a big sky sunset or the light reflecting off a half-frozen stream, or the ideas that have time to grow over the long winter nights.  

Montana Arts Council

Creativity — the source of inspiration that gives meaning to our lives through words, music, art and design.

The Montana Arts Council celebrates and promotes the arts and artists in Montana, some of the most creative citizenry in the world.

Montana Historical Society

     The magnificence of the Montana landscape has inspired legendary artists like Charles M. Russell and E.S Paxson and countless others down to today.
     In Montana we cherish their vision and proudly show it off in our wonderful museums and art galleries statewide.

Montana Office of Tourism

The Montana Office of Tourism staff says "Good Choice" in picking up the Montana’s Cultural Treasures booklet. It’s an excellent guide to the places and people whose creative spirit and heritage were formed by our state’s spectacular nature and helped create Montana’s unique culture.

Montana's Literary Treasures

A nameless narrator discovers his connection to Blackfeet ancestors. A Spanish American guide helps track down Chief Joseph’s people in the Bears Paw Mountains, then marries a Nez Perce woman. A gifted teacher works with her pupils in a one-room schoolhouse during World War II, suffering a series of traumas that help her mature. A pained lyric voice describes epiphanies in the small-town bars of Montana.