From the Governor

You don’t have to visit many Montana art galleries or museums to realize that there is something truly inspiring going on here.  Maybe it has something to do with the colors of a big sky sunset or the light reflecting off a half-frozen stream, or the ideas that have time to grow over the long winter nights.  

But whatever the reason, as you explore the state, you will find that Montana has an incredibly rich culture and talented artistic community.  You will find everything you expect from the West and much, much more.  Our writers, artists, musicians, dancers and actors include those who bring their tribal traditions to their work, and others who draw their inspiration from growing up in the small towns and cities that dot Montana’s landscape.  

Newcomers to all that Montana’s galleries, museums, bookstores and theatres have to offer can expect to be pleasantly surprised.  And those of us who already know how vibrant our arts community is, can look forward to something new to rejuvenate our spirits.           

-- Governor Steve Bullock